Liceul Teoretic Grigore Moisil Timisoara


GRIGORE MOISIL Theoretical Highschool, Timisoara, is the only school in the Timis county with all the highschool classes specialised in Mathematics and Computer Science, with intensive studies of Computer Science. We are ranked in top 5 best schools in the county, and have been constantly trying to do our best to ensure a high quality teaching - learning environment for all our students. We have 1850 pupils of primary, secondary and highschool levels. The pupils benefit from the experience of 130 skilled and dedicated teachers, as well as of the help of the non-didactic staff, always present for the best conditions. The motto of our school is “We prepare together in the spirit of European education.” Our purpose is to offer our pupils the possibility of having a durable evolution of their personality, aiming at preparing them for all the aspects of adult life.

GRIGORE MOISIL Theoretical Highschool is a big institution, with children coming from all walks of life. We have the possibility of observing how children develop till they reach adulthood, since we see some of them from their first year in school till they graduate. As the school has primary level classes, the teachers have always tried to make all the possible efforts to identify the pupils who have language difficulties. There are psychological advisers for all levels, and the teachers work with them to guide the parents towards specialised help. Teachers don’t have the necessary knowledge or strategies to detect, evaluate or intervene in students with the specific pathology of dyslexia, so they constantly try to attend special courses or training sessions and workshops in order to be well prepared from a professional point of view . All the class teachers attempt to integrate the dyslexic children in a learning environment appropriate to their ages. An important aspect is to raise their self-esteem by finding out what other strengths this kind of children have, such as oral skills, comprehension, good visual spatial awareness or artistic abilities.