As Kocaeli Provincial Directorate of National Education our aims are to raise modern generations who are loyal to Atatürk’s natıonalism, internalize Turkish Nation’s values, know their duties and responsibilities towards the Republic of Turkey; to prepare our youth and children to life and higher education in an educational environment based on reason and science which studies, researches and questions; and one of the priority target is to maximize the level of productivity of the institutions and employees in our region and our country in line with developments and changes in the framework of Turkish National Education goals and fundamental principles. As an educational authority our Institution is a non-profit public body. Our institution working to increase the success and ensure the efficiency by focusing on understanding on "Strategic Planning" and "Total Quality Management" in every field of education, has 39 pre-school institutions, 229 special needs institutions, 281 primary schools, 235 secondary schools, 62 vocational secondary schools, 4 vocational education centers, 6 teachers’ guest houses, 12 Public Training Centers, 3 Counselling and Research Centers in its region.